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LED Grow Light

Welcome to the LadyBugg Lights simple order website.  We are a manufacture of high power LED grow lights.  This website is direct retail sales to our factory.

Our lights are designed with the forethought of delivering the maximum usable light a plant needs to grow and flower.  We have gone beyond the assumptions tested our lights growing hemp, fruit, vegtables, and flowers.  Our end goal is to produce high quality lights that are affordable to the hobbyist, professional and commercial indoor farmers.

The wattage listed for all LED lights is the actual wattage the unit consumes, there are no equivalents or deceptive power ratting.  Every unit comes with a 2-year limited warranty and some models are equipped with a 10-foot umbilical cord for the purpose of keeping the power supply heat out of the growing area.  Every unit is thoroughly tested and continously ran for 72 hours before leaving our factory. 

Because LED lights are made of diodes that produce a very specific wavelength they just can't honestly be compared with traditional HID/HPS lighting, which are electrically excited gas trapped in a glass tube.  This means the spectrum is defined by the wavelengths specific to that gas.  In other words, you get what you get.  Plants grow well when given the wavelengths (colors) that stimulate their growth. There is a significant amount of power lost in traditional lights due to the plants not needing the wavelengths they generate, and even worse they produce heat that ultimately will need to be dissipated as not to cause the room, tent, or greenhouse to overheat.

We're pleased to start October 2020 off with our new new line of lights with optimised spectrum including UVA and IR(near red) for added flavor, armma and bigger blooms. This means higher yilds and healthier plants. We are also incorporating home automation as an option to control light intesities, timing and other functions compatable with Alexa, Google, and Apple. As we remove our old stock and phase into our new product line there should be discounted items available soon. We expect to have our full product line available by early December with the next generation of lights.

Hemp growing under 500W Hanging tent light.

hemp growing

Flowers growing under 200W  Light

500w hood light pic


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